Will Case Come Back?

Chris Russell

The Redskins have Dwayne Haskins and Alex Smith under contract for 2020 and beyond. 

Case Keenum and Colt McCoy are free agents. 

There's no chance McCoy is coming back. Bruce Allen and others essentially divorced him along with Jay Gruden after the fifth loss and week of a already lost season. 

Keenum -- played well at times and poorly at times. He was injured several times. Isn't every quarterback that plays for the Redskins? Except for that Kirk Cousins guy, right?

Keenum told NBC Sports Washington's J.P. Finlay this:

That does not sound like a quarterback who has heard from the new head coach of offensive coordinator just yet. 

Keenum admitted the assumed  to Finlay that he thinks it's Dwayne Haskins team but is it?

Colt McCoy - Case Keenum - Dwayne Haskins - © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
© Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins simply cannot trust that Alex Smith will be able to play. They could draft a quarterback and perhaps luck into a Gardner Minshew type from last year in Jacksonville. 

Or they could sign a proven veteran in a class that is filled with stars. Phillip Rivers? Marcus Mariota? Tom Brady?

In my eyes, a veteran is absolutely necessary because I'm not convinced that Ron Rivera and Scott Turner absolutely love Haskins and because he got hurt in two-of-his-final-three games. I think that is going to be a problem moving forward. 

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I'd be willing to bet Haskins does start the season. He won't be traded and it would be foolish to trade a player who has shown signs of being able to play in this league. He is extremely green. The new staff will use this as an evaluation year. Alex Smith wasn't good when he was healthy. They should trade Smith if possible, though he could be a backup if he is healthy enough to play. Get a cheap vet backup otherwise and try to role with Haskins for the year. They can decide wha to do at the position after this first year in draft or otherwise for 2021.


I wouldn't be surprised to see the Redskins draft a QB or go after a veteran. As for McCoy, Allen no longer has a say. This team has made so many blunders when it comes to QB's, it's hard to predict what they'll do, but I think you can bet on the fact that Haskins won't start the season as #1. If I was making the call, I would trade him.