Chris Russell

Wrote this - and posted as usual on Facebook - Got this response from one of Trent's former teammates.

From former Redskins OL in 2010 & 2011: Artis Hicks "Why should Trent stop talking??? I read the article but still don’t understand why? Is it that he should’ve done over and be of servitude to an organization that doesn’t value its players, especially one of Trent’s caliber and is looking for “revenge” like teenage boys in high school would? And y’all wonder why this dysfunctional franchise hasn’t delivered in decades now. Trent has been a cornerstone on the field for that team for years now and when it’s time to show him that respect then they find ways to escape. You will never will in pro sports if the guys on the field aren’t bought in and willing to lay it all on the line for you on game day. When’s the last time an owner or GM lined up and won a gam on game day excluding the couple of GMs who are former players? Snyder and Allen both can barely piss straight standing up. Players can and will go out there and do their jobs at a high enough level to get that check and continue their careers but that won’t get you many Ws in the W/L column. It’s no different than any other job. If you don’t like your boss or work environment then you’ll still go click on but you’ll do just enough to get your job done right,,,...sane difference. For some of these owners and GMs to think they’re so smart, they sure do maneuver like dumbasses!! The Deadskins are so busy fighting ignorant battles like this off the field that they’ve forgotten that the battle belongs on the gridiron with the players on game day. Those who don’t understand that won’t ever win enough games to matter. I hope Trent does stay next year but does his job like the rest of you do when you’re displeased at work. Let’s see how well that works out. I’ve said it numerous times before, Bruce Allen is killing that franchise and obviously has some dirt on Dan to keep retaining his job after not producing much other than below average rosters/teams year in and year out. Trent is a great player and I hope he keeps speaking his mind. Respect is mutual or none at all!"