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3 Questions for the Saints After Losing to the Falcons

Three football-related questions for the New Orleans Saints coaches and players after losing to the Atlanta Falcons.

I wanted to ask three football-related questions for the New Orleans Saints coaches and players after losing 27-25 to the Atlanta Falcons in the press conferences. 

I didn't have the opportunity; now, I wonder...

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

1.  Why Leave a Rookie One-on-One with a Dangerous Player?

If Cordarrelle Patterson is the Falcons' primary receiving threat, why was rookie cornerback Paulson Adebo left in man coverage without safety support from Marcus Williams or Malcolm Jenkins?

Malcolm Jenkins said, "for me as a quarterback of the defense, I felt we kind of knew what that formation was going to be.  We know what the route was run earlier [in the game].  And, it's up to me to make checks, to put us in the best position to stop that." 

Jenkins is taking responsibility for the missed adjustment; however, Marcus Williams is also a veteran safety.  

Which begs the question, why didn't he notice the rookie corner was on an island with a dangerous player?


2. Why Abandon the Rushing Attack in the 2nd Half?

Why did the Saints get away from an early-productive rushing attack?

Coach Payton said the team was only "out of the game plan a little bit is when we were in that hurry-up offense."

With this in mind, this was the Saints' rushing game at halftime:

  • Kamara - 7 rushes for 42 yards (6.0 yards/rush).
  • Ingram - 6 rushes for 32 yards (5.3 yards/rush).

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Below are the final rushing stats for Kamara and Ingram:

  • Kamara - 13 rushes for 50 yards (3.8 yards/rush). +8 yards
  • Ingram - 9 rushes for 43 yards (4.8 yards/rush). +11 yards

Atlanta made defensive adjustments, but New Orleans could muster 19 yards on the ground from its two best rushers.

Were the opportunities not there in the run game? Was there an abandonment of the game plan earlier than mentioned in the presser?

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills (12)

3. What's to Like About the Saints' Receivers Room?

Can we be honest about the New Orleans Saints wide receivers' productivity? 

Disregard the 282 yards the receivers caught from Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill; the other aspects of the receivers are the issues.

Sunday's Receiving Issues

  1. Dropped Footballs (5 Total)
  2. Lack of Separation,
  3. Inconsistencies

Last week, Sean Payton said he "likes the receivers room." Coach, you may like them, but can you win with them?

Deonte Harris is the most consistent New Orleans Saints wideout in the receivers room for 2021.   

Siemian did a great job spreading the football around to seven receivers versus Atlanta, yet the DROPS are a concern.

The Trevor Siemian pass in the endzone to tight end Adam Trautman wasn't going to work.  Why?  Because Trautman does not have the leaping skills as Juwan Johnson's ability to climb the ladder.  Unfortunately, Johnson was inactive today.