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Saints-Eagles Halftime Report

The New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles halftime report on the stats, action, and injuries in the first half from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

The New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles halftime report on the stats, action, and injuries in the first half from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.


The New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles first met on November 5, 1967, with New Orleans posting a 31- 24 victory at Tulane Stadium. It was the first win in franchise history, coming in Week eight of the Saints’ inaugural season. 

The Eagles lead the regular season series 17-12, with the Saints holding a 3-1 edge in the playoffs. The Saints are 3-10 in games played in Philadelphia in the regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs. . 14 of the games in the Saints-Eagles series counting both the regular season and the playoffs have been decided by a touchdown or less, with eight decided by three points or less.  



  • Saints first drive was 6 plays, 10 yads, and 1:54 off the clock.
  • Mark Ingram got the first down.
  • Trevor Siemian tossed an interception in Eagles territory on their second drive.
  • The Eagles are blitzing Siemian.  Saints punt on their 3rd drive.
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1)


  • Jalen Hurts led the Eagles on a 7-play, 39-yard drive after the Eagles defense picked off Trevor Siemian.
  • TE Dallas Goedert is posing a problem for Malcolm Jenkins.

Saints 0, Eagles 7 (@7:21 )

  • Eagles rushing attack with the RPO's are confusing New Orleans.
  • Saints keep losing outside contain on Hurts.  Davis appeared to force him out at the one-yard line.  The play is under review.
  • Video confirmed that Hurts crossed the plane and scored off his 3-yard run.
  • Drive: 7 plays, 63 yards, 3:52 minutes.
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1)

Saints 0, Eagles 14 (@ 2:02)

  • Sean Payton starts the fourth drive with a focus on Mark Ingram.  The first 3 plays, Ingram totaled 30 yards.
  • End of the first quarter.

Saints Stats (1st Qtr.)

  • Siemian: 2/7, 12 yards, 1 INT, 0 QBR
  • Mark Ingram: 4 rushes, 33 yards; 2 receptions, 12 yards

Saints 0, Eagles 14



  • Young penalized with a false start.
  • Saints punt.  Siemian missed Ingram wide open in the middle of the field.
  • Drive: 6 plays
  • Blake Gilikin is doing his part.  His punt was downed on the Eagles four-yard line.

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Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders (26)


  • Saints DT Ringo forced a Sanders fumble. Recovered on the six-yard line.
  • Saints opens the drive with Mark Ingram rush and dropped reception after Maddox lowered the boom.  Maddox was injured.
  • Saints score on Humphrey reception, but Young holds.  3rd down for New Orleans.
  • Siemian throws a great pass to TE Adam Trautman.  Siemian took a hit from two defenders on the play.

Saints 7, Eagles 14 (@ 13:01)

Eagles - fifth possession

  • Sanders fumbles on the six-yard line.  Saints recover.
  • Hurts' scrambling in the pocket has helped.  Eagles offensive line is giving him time.
  • New Orleans stops the drive.
  • 50 yard field goal attempt is successful.  Came very close to the left upright.

Saints 7, Eagles 17 (@9:32)


Saints - sixth possession

  • Eagles force a 3-and-out.  G Ruiz missed the block on the Eagles' blitz.  
  • Siemian had to get rid of the football, incomplete.

Eagles -sixth possession

  • Drive: 11 plays, 66 yards, 4:20; converted 4 first downs
  • FG attempt is good.

Saints 7, Eagles 20 (@4:13)

Saints - seventh possession

  • Saints go 3-and-out again.
  • Blake Gilikin has another punt downed inside the five-yard line.
Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders (26)

Eagles - seventh possession

  • Jenkins appeared to strip the football for a turnover.  The officials blew the whistle as Sanders' forward progress stopped.
  • 2-minute warning
  • Saints stop the drive at 59 seconds.
  • Harris muffed the punt, but recovered.   2nd straight week placing the football on the ground.

Saints - eighth possession

  • Siemian tosses a pick-six to Slay.

Saints 7, Eagles 27 (@27 seconds)



  • Trevor Siemian: 6/18, 60 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT
  • Mark Ingram: 6 rushes, 35 yards
  • Adam Trautman: 32 rec, 37 yards, 1 TD
  • K. Alexander: 6 tackles, 1 TFL
  • Marcus Davenport: 4 tackles, 2 QB Hits
  • Marcus Williams: 2 passes defended
  • Ringo: FF, FR


  • Jalen Hurts: 8/14, 91 yards;  9 rushes, 45 yards, 2 rushing TDs
  • J. Howard: 9 rushes, 56 yards
  • D. Smith: 3 rec, 47 yards

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