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'Dinner with the Davises' & COVID-19 Vaccines Tonight in Kenner

Tamela and Demario Davis will host their second phase of "Dinner with the Davises" family dinner event in Kenner, LA on Aug. 17 at 6 PM CT.

Tamela and Demario Davis hosted their first "Dinner with the Davises" family dinner events at community parks this summer in the New Orleans area.   

I had an opportunity to interview Damario and Tamela while they were having dinner, regarding the upcoming "Dinner with the Davises" event and the idea behind tonight's outreach community program.

Dinner with the Davises Part 2

"Demario and I were having a conversation about family and how dinner time now is not something that people engage in on a week to week or day to day basis. Some of our fondest memories were around the dinner table, and it's something that we've tried to incorporate with our family. So we had the idea of maybe going out into the community and just engaging with the people. But, also to encourage a family dinner and showing people. All of this birth around family. That was kind of how it all came together."

They established the event to help community citizens bond together via food, music, games, and fun, just like at their home with the Davis clan. Together we'll have food trucks, and they will be spaced out. People tend to wear masks out there, so most people only take their masks off if they're eating. We will have dancing, tips for the vaccinations will be separate from most people at the celebration. It is our first time out of this park, so we're hoping that it's able to provide people what they need as we've had in the previous events," mentioned Tamela.

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On Friday evening, Dinner with the Davises returns with a side of vaccinations included, if you chose. The couple understands the rising COVID-19 infection rates are predominantly in underserved communities. So the Tamela and Demario have partnered with Winn Dixie Pharmacy to provide COVID-19 vaccinations.

I asked Demario why offering the vaccinations at "Dinner with the Davises" was vital for him and Tamela. "I think it's an interesting time. Understanding what we've all gone through in 2020. We're living in such an unprecedented time going through the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to get to the other side of it. Though, there are a lot of different opinions about it [COVID-19 vaccinations]. What we want to make sure is that it's accessible and that everybody can be informed, and educated about it. Once everybody is informed and educated, hopefully, they can make the best decision for themselves and those around them. That's what we want to be able to do." shared Demario.

The "Dinner with the Davises" affair is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 27, from 6 PM to 8 PM CT inside the Kenner City Park Pavillion on 3800 Loyola Dr. in Kenner, LA. Vaccines will be offered onsite. Tamela Davis' "The F Word Food Truck" and other food trucks will distribute food and beverages for the participants. 

It's truly a family affair!