No sacks, no pressures, nothing: Saints' Ryan Ramczyk shuts out J.J. Watt

Christopher Dabe

NEW ORLEANS — J.J. Watt might have seen enough of Ryan Ramczyk.

The Saints beat the Texans 30-28 with the Saints' Ramczyk at right tackle blocking against the Texans' Watt, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

And when the game ended, "I saw him walking into the tunnel,” Ramczyk said.

No, there would be no on-field jersey swap between the two former Wisconsin football players.

Watt failed to register a single statistic for the first time in an NFL career that spans eight full seasons and 105 games. No sacks, no pressures, nothing.

Sean Payton said during the week before the game he hoped to not hear much about Ramczyk during the game because when you hear much about a right tackle during a game, it commonly means he's not having a good one.

That happened four years ago when the teams last met. Back then, Watt could be heard during a mic'd up segment on NFL Films saying the Saints should put a new right tackle in the game. Watt sacked Brees twice that day and reached him another time to force an intentional grounding.

The Saints lost 24-6. That was the first time in the Payton/Brees era the Saints failed to score a touchdown.

The Saints selected Ramczyk in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft for nights like these.

After the game, Ramczyk said he didn't go at it alone. He credited help from running backs and tight ends for also nudging Watt from time to time.

"In the one-on-ones I did have against him, I felt like I did a good job getting on my spot, getting my hands on him," Ramczyk said.

Added Payton, "I didn't hear a lot of Watt's name."

Just how he wanted it.