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Odell Beckham Jr. Taking Time on Decision

Everyone across the NFL is on Odell Beckham Jr. watch, and it appears we should sit tight for a few days while he comes to a decision from several interested teams.

Several teams are in on the Odell Beckham Jr. sweepstakes, including the Saints. However, everyone might want to not stay glued to their TVs and phones to find out how it goes. According to a report by NFL Network's Kim Jones and Ian Rapoport, the free agent wide receiver is going to take some time to decide on his next move and the decision will be in a few days. 

"We are told it's going to be probably a few days," Rapoport said.

"So, if you're expecting a quick answer on Odell Beckham, who officially cleared waivers yesterday afternoon, you're not going to get it. But he does have offers, including from some pretty good teams."

Rapoport notes that the Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Patriots, and Saints are all in on him, and cited that New Orleans did try to trade for him before the NFL's trade deadline.

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At this point, playing the waiting game will be both exciting and agonizing. The Saints are not considered one of the powerhouse teams to land Beckham Jr., but they could absolutely use him, and the pairing would make sense. 

Some things to consider for Beckham Jr. are the usage and what that could do for his next contract. Any team that gets him now is likely renting him for the back half of the season with playoff aspirations. New Orleans could offer a good incentive-laden contract that could help be appealing for him, and it's not like he wouldn't be received well by the home fans. 

Another thing to consider is the timing it would take to have him on the field. If Beckham Jr. is taking a few days to make a choice, then that means he won't be playing in Week 10, and would presumably join his new team in Week 11. He could get up to speed quickly, but he might be on a pitch count to start. So, any team that acquires him probably won't maximize him until Week 12 or 13, depending on the learning curve.

It's no secret that the Saints need help, and Odell Beckham Jr. could really provide it for them.

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