Saints Training Camp Transactions, Tryouts, and Transcripts from Week 4

New Orleans Saints transactions reported to the NFL and media call highlights in Week 4 of training camp from August 17, 2020, to August 23, 2020.
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New Orleans Saints transactions reported to the NFL and media call highlights in Week 4 of training camp from August 17, 2020, to August 23, 2020.



Waived - New Orleans released CB Tino Ellis (Maryland).  Designation: Reserve/Injured from Waived/Injured; Does Not Count Against 90 Limit.  Ellis had a Partially Guaranteed Contract .

Signed - New Orleans signed TE Ethan Wolf (Tennessee).  Wolf's contract base salary is valued at $610K with a potential cap hit of $610K.



Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reported New Orleans had tryouts this week.


New Orleans hosted two defensive backs on Saturday for workouts.  

  1. Christopher Fredrick, DB (Syracuse) -  Fredrick played safety with the Orangemen.  He is 5-11 and 193 lbs.  Stats: 172 tackles, 8 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 forced fumbles.
  2. Kemon Hall, DB (North Texas) - Hall was on the Los Angeles Chargers preseason roster in 2019.  He was waived by the Minnesota Vikings on August 3, 2020.  Hall played cornerback with the Mean Green for two seasons.  He is 5-10 and 190 lbs.  Stats: 121 tackles, 6 interceptions, 2 touchdowns, 1 forced fumble. 
Saints Sign Wolf


New Orleans hosted five players, 4 tight ends, and 1 wide receiver for workouts on Monday.

  1. A.J. Derby, TE (Arkansas)
  2. Donnie Ernsberger, TE (Western Michigan)
  3. Jake Lampman, WR (Ferris State)
  4. Ryan  O'Malley, TE (Pennsylvania)
  5. Ethan Wolf, TE (Tennessee)


Coach Payton answered my question on the progress of undrafted free agent wide receiver Marquez Callaway out of the University of Tennessee.

Payton's answer from the Videoconference

"There's been glimpses. He has speed. He had a few snaps today where you see it in special teams. He certainly has the one, two. He's, obviously, learning at a very quick pace, because this whole group they're coming in at a little bit of a disadvantage. We talked about this last night. They're coming in without maybe the foundation they normally would have. Then the other element that they're having to deal with is without playing any preseason games, how do we know who these guys are? We talked about this a night ago, telling a story about making a first impression. So these practices, in essence, become their preseason games. All of its being evaluated, but he's a player we're looking closely at, I've been encouraged with some of his progress."   Sean Payton

Marshon Lattimore on No Fans for Game 1

"No, not really. I've just been focusing on what I can control right now and that's just becoming better and making the team better. I haven't really thought about the fans, but when that time comes, I'll started thinking about it. Right now, we're just working, we haven't really thought that far ahead."   Lattimore

Jared Cook on Jameis Winston

"I feel like he's getting a lot more confident in this offense...Today, we had some one on ones, and you know, it's different playing with him and Drew (Brees). He has a lot more velocity to his ball. And his balls come out a lot faster than Drew's (Brees)... So he's improving, he's getting better. "  Cook

Video:  Alvin Kamara vs. Demario Davis at Saints Training Camp

Alvin Kamara on his production last season

"I was hurt."  Kamara

Tommy Stevens on how he switched to Tight End

"They hit me up and they were like, hey, we want to start you know, showing you some things as far as you know, a role in tight ends. And I guess that, it really wasn't like a long drawn out process."  Stevens 

Saints Training Camp Video Highlights from Saturday, August 22, 2020