Report: 4,300 Seats Eliminated in Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Saints Season-Ticket Holders Affected

4,300 seats inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome have been eliminated because of the new renovations to give a better fan experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is undergoing a facelift and transformation to give the arena's fans a new experience. In the process, New Orleans Saints' season ticket holders are losing their seating. Reports have the stadium's renovations will eliminate 4,300 seats.  

The Mercedes Benz Superdome A New Look & Name

Kasey Barnes's father, Randy Barnes, was informed that his Saints tickets were being eliminated after 32 years of being a season-ticket holder. On Thursday, a member of the New Orleans Saints ticket office notified the family of the change.  

In a message from Kasey Barnes, she remarked, "We were told our seats would no longer be there and that if there is anything left after renewals, we will then go onto a list to try to get different seats. We just feel like 32 years of loyalty is being completely overlooked. We just want the chance to keep tickets in our family."

However, they [Saints Ticketing] did not initially offer optional seating for the Barnes family. The family received positive news on Friday after contacting a senior member of the sales and ticketing staff about the matter. That person mentioned the Saints ticket office would work to resolve the issue for him and other season-ticket holders affected by the renovations.

Superdome Renovations - 500 Level

ESPN reporter, Mike Triplett, tweeted the organization said, "it's a top priority to work with all affected season-ticket holders to make sure they have options to relocate" in his tweet about the renovation.

Saints News Network's Dr. Carla Antoine reported about upcoming renovations in the historic landmark before the 2020 Saints season began in September.

Antoine reached out to the Saints ticketing office, but did not receive a response.