Saints Training Camp: COVID-19 Report (Week 2)

Kyle T. Mosley

The New Orleans Saints reactivated LB Kaden Ellis and LS Zack Wood from their Reserve/COVID-19 designations. Both players had their COVID-19 re-tests, received negative results, and can participate in training camp activities with the Saints.

The multiple COVID-19 false-positive test results are under scrutiny in the NFL. Saturday, the NFL Chief Medical Officer, Allen Sills, sent a memo to NFL team executives, general managers, head coaches, head team physicians, head athletic trainers, team infection control officers, and team counsel. The memo stated updates to the NFL-NFLPA screening and testing protocol.

According to the updated protocol posted on, Nick Shook wrote about the following key changes of the Protocols:

Test results reported as "presumptive positive" or "inconclusive" should be considered the same as "positive" with regard to further testing, treatment, and screening. 

If a player with no known history of COVID-19 infection (as proved by a documented test) receives a new positive test result and is asymptomatic, then two types of confirmatory tests will be run on the day following the positive test result. 

During that time, the tested individual must remain out of the facility and isolate at home until the confirmatory test results return. If both types of confirmatory tests are negative, then the individual is not considered COVID-19 positive and may resume all normal activity.  

Similar processes are called for by the adjusted protocol in the event the initial test is "invalid" or "inconclusive," per the memo.   Nick Shook

Ian Rapoport posted the complete addendum on Twitter:

Saints TE Jason Vander Lann, 26, and TE Cole Wick, 26, opted-out because of COVID-19 concerns at the beginning of training camp.

Currently, the New Orleans Saints do not have players on the Reserve/COVID-19 list.

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Kyle T. Mosley
Kyle T. Mosley


Saints have done a good job thus far with their sequestering at the Loews.