Wil Lutz has 'incredibly savage line' about his name and the Texans

Christopher Dabe

NEW ORLEANS — Wil Lutz came up big Monday night with a winning 58-yard field goal as time expired for the New Orleans Saints to beat the Houston Texans.

The next day, retired NFL punter Pat McAfee had the steely-nerved and accurate Lutz on his interview show and asked him about his given first name, if it really had only one "L."

And that's when Lutz dropped what McAfee was an "incredibly savage line."

Asked about the name, Lutz explained that his full given name is William -- with two L's -- and that he didn't know "what the hell my dad was thinking" with the shortened name that had only one L.

Then he said it: "We gave the other L to Houston."


When McAfee burst into laughter, Lutz quickly said, "Oh man, I'm going to regret saying that."

Responded McAfee, "You deserve 24 hours of savagery after what you did last night."