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By the Numbers: Breaking Down Seahawks' 2022 Schedule

Ty Dane Gonzalez breaks down the Seahawks' 2022 regular season schedule with nine noteworthy numbers.

The 2022 NFL season will present a wealth of firsts for the Seahawks. The most prominent first, of course, is the fact they will begin life without star quarterback Russell Wilson or future Hall of Fame linebacker Bobby Wagner after a decade with both in tow. They will also play in the league's very first regular season game in Germany and start the year on Monday Night Football for the first time since 1984. 

So while expectations may be considerably lowered due to the departures of Wilson and Wagner, this doesn't have the makings of an average, run-of-the-mill season. Fan, pundit or somewhere in between, this will be a fascinating year to watch unfold in Seattle—no matter how the win-loss column shakes out.

Now that the NFL has officially announced its full slate of games for the season ahead, let's go by the numbers and find what else makes this year so unique for the Seahawks.

The (Moderately) Tough Road Ahead

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.517: That's the 2021 combined winning percentage of the Seahawks' opponents this year, giving them the 11th-most difficult schedule in the NFL. In total, they will see six 2021 playoff teams and three division winners, including the defending Super Bowl champion Rams twice, but they will also square off against a quintet of fourth-place finishers between the Giants, Jets, Lions, Panthers and Broncos. 

A Long Way From Home


29,446: That's how many miles the Seahawks will travel during the regular season, thanks in large part to their upcoming trip to Germany. The only year they logged more air time as a franchise was 2008 (29,902), when they paid visits to the Bills, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Giants and Cowboys.