Seahawks 2021 Draft Profile: Kellen Mond

With the Russell Wilson drama seemingly in the rearview mirror, finding a quarterback of the future appears to be on the back burner for the Seahawks. But they may need to protect themselves if Wilson goes rogue next offseason. Could they do it in the 2021 NFL Draft?
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What was once questionable now seems a forgone conclusion: Russell Wilson will be the Seahawks' quarterback in 2021, with several reports indicating Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have mended their relationship. As much as some wished to ignore the rumblings, any rational person must concede there was a very real fire between the two sides that now appears to be quelled. 

But while things are settled for the upcoming season, 2021 could still be Wilson's last with Seattle. With this threat looming, the Seahawks cannot be left without a viable option to replace their star quarterback. But with limited draft capital, would they actually use a high draft pick on a backup? Well, actually, yes they could, especially if Texas A&M's Kellen Mond slides into the bottom of the second round.


Mond is a gifted athlete who is capable of many of the same escape artist type of plays we saw from a younger Wilson. He can extend plays with his legs while also maintaining a "passer first" mentality, boasting a strong arm with a quick release; he has no issue getting the ball downfield.

He showed a strong grip of the A&M playbook and has no issue throwing in the rhythm of an offense. Mond understands when and where to throw the football in the quick passing game and shows solid touch when needed. He improved his completion percentage in all four of his years in the SEC and put up an impressive 71:27 touchdown to interception ratio against elite competition. He also added 22 rushing touchdowns on top of that for the Aggies.


While Mond's accuracy did improve in college, it was far from elite. He often stares down his primary receiver too long and hasn't mastered using his eyes to manipulate the coverage. While he possesses the arm strength required to work down the field, he didn't test defenses enough to take advantage of his best tool. In 2020, he attempted just 32 passes longer than 19 yards, despite posting a 127.6 passer rating on those throws.

Mond is inconsistent over the middle and is often late with the ball, leading to some dangerous throws that will turn into turnovers at the next level. He isn't ready to start in 2021 and any team hoping to see him start in 2022 better have a viable veteran option sitting on the bench.

Fit in Seattle

Mond is an athletic quarterback who played in a tough conference, avoided turnovers, has a strong arm, and shows an ability to hit home runs with both his legs and arm. That sounds familiar, right? No, Mond isn't Russell Wilson, but nobody else on the planet is so that isn't truly a fair criticism. However, he does have a lot of the raw tools Wilson had in 2012 and a solid situation in which to learn.

The bigger issue is the lack of draft capital the Seahawks have. With just three pick - including just one in the first two days of the draft - and a slew of positions they need to focus on, using a second-round selection on a quarterback who may never play a snap for them would turn a lot of heads. It will also kick up the Wilson speculation again, just after it appeared both sides were ready to move on.

For the Seahawks to be willing to forfeit their highest draft pick and deal with the potential fallout, they need to be convinced Mond is a special talent. While he's a good fit for the Seahawks in a vacuum, John Schneider doesn't have that luxury. Mond belongs somewhere in the second round, but it will likely be to a team that has picks to spare.