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i think that we should not move on from Clowney unless we know for sure that we can get Griffen and some more. i really want the SeaHawks to find an Al woods 2.0. Stay safe Corbin.


In short, yes. Yes they should move on from Clowney.

There is no denying his talent, and if he were the last piece we needed along the d-line, I'd be singing a different tune.

But he's not the last piece we need. To be competitive. To improve the d-line significantly. We are in reality 2 to 3 pieces away from being able to unlock Clowney's true potential.

He needs a running mate. Balance from weak side to strong side. Cap constraints just don't allow that, considering Everson Griffen is likely to command around a 10 million (estimate) per year average deal, likely for 2 seasons.

I'd feel great about Clowney being the final piece if we already had Griffen under contract and could still pay him enough to keep him happy and productive.

Sucks, but these are the difficult decisions and problems when QBs sign market setting contracts.

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