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The Seahawks' King Has Returned

After weeks of discouraging losses and awaiting his return, the Seahawks welcome back their signal caller, Russell Wilson, just in the nick of time.

It has been a long month for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson went down with a gruesome finger injury during their loss to the Rams on October 7. After that, Seattle lost two more games before finally stopping the bleeding against the Jaguars on Halloween.

It has been raining nearly nonstop in the Pacific Northwest over the last few weeks, mirroring the mood of the 12s. Seattle's version of Pride Rock, the VMAC, was without its true leader for the last month. The Seahawks have, essentially, been without their king. In his absence, they were picked apart by hyenas, reducing the once lush landscape of playoff hopes to scorched earth and barren wastelands. 

Wilson certainly was not chilling in some luxurious jungle signing "Hakuna Matata" while his teammates suffered a 1-2 stretch without him. He was in the gym and keeping his body ready for his inevitable return atop his perch of the Seattle sports hierarchy.

Dr. Steve Shin, Wilson's surgeon, called his injury "uncharted territory" in his line of work, claiming he had "never seen such a severe injury to the throwing hand of an NFL quarterback." He also praised Wilson for his unmatched commitment and resolve to return better than before. 

At long last, Pete Carroll⁠—the "Rafiki" of the Seahawks, if you will⁠—announced on Monday that, indeed, "the king has returned." Now, Seattle can focus on making the land of the 12s prosperous and plentiful once more, and maybe, just maybe, revive those playoff hopes.

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Wilson has his work cut out for him, however. There are hungry, vicious predators looming on the horizon.  Seattle's next two opponents are the top two seeds in the NFC at the moment: the Packers, likely with a newly returned leader as well in Aaron Rodgers, and the Cardinals, who own the NFL's best record at 8-1. Restoring order will not come easy. 

The Seahawks currently sit one game back of a playoff spot at 3-5. The results around the NFL during their bye week has seemingly re-energized the fanbase and kindled hopes of a second-half run to the postseason. That all will start and end with Wilson. 

Wilson has never backed down from a challenge, and certainly won't this time. Seattle's all-time leading passer is revving to return to the field and reclaim his rightful place as one of the game's best quarterbacks. 

Don't put it past Wilson to post some video of him dramatically strutting to the top of Pride Rock and letting out a lion-like roar, marking his return. 

Wilson and the Seahawks travel to take on the Packers at Lambeau Field this Sunday, and he will need to be at the top of his game as the team looks for its first win in Green Bay since 1999.