At 4-0, NFC West-Leading Seahawks Look '13 Again

While they're beating opponents in a far different way than they did seven years ago, the Seahawks are off to a special start that has only been matched once in their franchise history. As the schedule moves towards the midway point, it's truly starting to feel like '13 all over again.
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The Seahawks are 4-0 in 2020 and riding a ton of momentum in this complicated COVID-19 world. The last time, and only other time for that matter, the franchise started the season with four straight wins was in 2013, the season that they just so happened to win their lone Super Bowl title.

As seen on the movie 17 Again, Matthew Perry went back in time, appearing as the a teenager played by Zac Efron, to save his marriage. What's this have to do with the Seahawks? They wish they were "13" again, as in, emulating the way they dominated their opponents during that special 2013 season. With a 4-0 start, there is a growing resemblance to that team of seven years ago, though they're dominating in a much different fashion.

Some things are still the same that make one feel like it could actually be 2013 again, like Russell Wilson at quarterback, Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright starring on defense, and Pete Carroll at the helm. They don't need a time machine like Perry did to get those guys "back." In fact, an argument can be made all four of the aforementioned Seattle staples are better now than they were when they hoisted their Lombardi Trophy.

In 2013, it was about defense led by the Legion of Boom. They were young, brash, loud and brutal, winning by squeezing the life out of their opponent and defending every blade of grass. 

This year, the offense is performing like that young, unreliable teenager that has turned into a fully functioning adult under offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. In this alternate universe, the offense is the one pulling the weight, ranking second in the NFL in scoring and third in total offense. Wilson is playing like an MVP, leading the NFL with a 136.7 passer rating. 

Jamal Adams is a player that would've fit right in on Seattle's Legion of Boom. He has brought the boom several times in his three games for far. But other than that, the Seahawks' defense has very little teeth and couldn't hold a candle to the 2013 unit. 

Instead of the defense dragging the offense across the finish line, quite the opposite is happening in 2020. Seattle is dead last in total defense and 21st in scoring. In that regard, this squad looks absolutely nothing like the 2013 championship team. Where the resemblance lies is their refusal to give up and their distaste for losing. 

The Seahawks look like they are from 2013 with an unblemished record through the first month of the season. Now the schedule gets much tougher, with a hungry Vikings squad coming to town for Sunday Night Football. We will find out pretty quickly over their next six games if this team has a championship makeup. 

The defense definitely needs to improve but so far, they are winning games and taking names like they are '13 again.