Free Agent DE Dion Jordan Faces Lengthy PED Suspension

Corbin Smith

Still remaining unsigned, former Seahawks defensive end Dion Jordan has further complicated his efforts to find a landing spot for the 2019 season.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the 29-year old Jordan lost his appeal and will be handed a 10-game suspension for using Adderall, which violates the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. He previously had been allowed to use the medication for treatment of ADHD, but his therapeutic use exemption had expired.

It’s just the latest setback for Jordan, who received a four-game suspension for a banned stimulant as a rookie back in 2013 as well as a year-long ban in 2015 for multiple substance abuse violations. Since signing with Seattle in 2017, he had kept clean and in a rare move was discharged from Stage 3 of the league’s substance abuse program last July.

Jordan admitted to Pelissero he made a mistake and must live with the consequences, but it’s not a relapse into substance abuse issues that derailed his career while with the Dolphins. Instead, he’s ready to attack this situation as another opportunity for personal growth.

"I feel like the person that I am, I'm ready to move forward, I've been ready to move forward, with this specific issue.” Jordan told Pelissero. “I've been working really hard with myself outside of football, and I can see the progress as a young man, as Dion Jordan, I can see it.”

In an attempt to cope with family issues, including the death of his grandmother, Jordan opted to take Adderall in December and January to help him “dial in” even though his exemption hadn’t been renewed.

Jordan showed flashes of his first-round talent during his first season with the Seahawks in 2017, finishing with 4.0 sacks in only five games to close out the year. The team used an original round tender on him to re-sign him for the 2018 season, but lingering injuries limited him to 22 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 12 games.

Despite his recent slip-up and struggles staying healthy, Jordan believes he’s in a good place off the field and has plenty of great football left in him. According to agent Doug Hendrickson, several teams who were aware of his pending suspension have inquired with interest in signing him and with his past knee problems apparently under control, he hopes to sign with a new team in the near future.

"It hasn't held me back from anything that I need to do to continue to move forward to be a better football player, a better person," Jordan told Pelissero. "And I know I have the physical ability to go play football and help somebody win football games."

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Sorry but if he's suspended 10 games, no one is touching him. Not to mention the health concerns