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Seahawks for Sale? Would Allen Family Get $8 Billion for Seattle NFL Franchise?

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Are the Seattle Seahawks soon to be up for sale … at a purchase price of $8 billion? 

The Seahawks could be in the hands of new ownership in the next few years, according to Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

“With Paul Allen, my friend, unfortunately passing away, and that team is in a trust,” Irsay told Bloomberg, “(it) is going to become available, I’d imagine, in the 2024 range.”

Microsoft co-founder Allen owned the team until his passing in 2018, with the franchise now controlled by his sister Jody Allen. 

And how much might the Seahawks sell for?

The Denver Broncos were recently sold, the NFL franchise going to a group led by Rob Walton of the WalMart family in June for $4.65 billion. Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, while insisting he’ll never sell “America’s Team,” is fond of suggesting that his franchise might be worth $10 billion.

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Almost at whatever cost, the ownership of an NFL franchise has proven to be a wildly profitable investment. … for the Allen family and for all the rest.

Having said that … It is obviously in the best interests of the 32 NFL owners, as partners, to speak using the highest possible price tags when suggesting franchise value; the more the Cowboys, Broncos and Seahawks are worth, the more Irsay’s Colts are worth.

Nevertheless … Said Irsay of the Broncos sale: 

“Anyone that got them for under $8 billion, they got them for a heck of a deal.”

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