Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner, FS Quandre Diggs Suffer Ankle Injuries


Late in a 30-24 win over the Panthers, the Seahawks’ defense looked near unrecognizable due to the latest injuries suffered by linebacker Bobby Wagner and safety Quandre Diggs.

Following the game, coach Pete Carroll told reporters both players suffered ankle sprains, citing Diggs’ injury as a bit more serious based on initial assessments.

“He [Quandre] looks a little more serious than Bobby did. We’ll see. That’d be a big loss if we can’t get him to get back next week.”

Diggs was seen leaving the locker room to visit trainers with a walking boot in hand as teammates razzed him about not putting it on yet. It remains unclear on what play he suffered the injury, but he was assisted by trainers heading in to the locker room in the third quarter.

As for Wagner, who exited the field with 7:02 left in the fourth quarter, he didn’t have a boot on when speaking to the media and indicated he had avoided serious injury.

“I felt like I slipped a little bit, but then he [the blocker] hit me in my side or back or something and my leg got kinda got caught under me. But I’ll be fine.”

After being assisted by trainers and walking off the field on his own power, Wagner briefly went into the medical blue tent before grabbing his helmet and then stood by teammates on the sideline. When asked if he could’ve returned, Carroll said he hadn’t been cleared and didn’t have additional comment.

Already entering the game without starting defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, and cornerback Shaquill Griffin, Seattle played most of its final two defensive possessions undermanned with five reserves on the field. Cody Barton slide to middle linebacker and took over in Wagner’s place as the defensive play caller.

Carolina capitalized with two touchdown drives, including a touchdown pass from Kyle Allen to Curtis Samuel, quickly turning a 20-point deficit into a one score game with less than four minutes to play.

Heading into the final two games of the season with an NFC West title still up for grabs, the Seahawks hope they’ve dodged a couple of bullets and that Wagner and Diggs will both have a chance to return to lineup in quick order.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Seems like the injury bug is hitting the defense at the wrong time this year. Hope Diggs and everybody else will be ready to go next week. No more traveling for 2 weeks should help as well