Seahawks North Endzone Summons Supernatural... Again

Nick Lee

For Seahawks opponents, CenturyLink Field has been a house of horrors with the home team boasting a 46-13 record there since 2012.

What is even more spooky is what seems to consistently happen specifically in the north end zone of Seattle's famously loud stadium.

Perhaps there is something evil lurking in the dark towards that end zone. When opponents try to win or tie the game heading that direction, they start to freeze and the horror looks them right between the eyes and they’re paralyzed.

Games at Century Link, especially on prime time, are always... a thriller, which no mere mortal can resist.


Let’s take go back in time and look back at other times the ghouls of the north end zone claimed a victim.


Long before the Seahawks boasted the best home field advantage in the NFL, long before Pete Carroll took charge, and long before Russell Wilson was a Seahawk, Seattle played the New York Giants in November 2005.

The Giants tied the game at 21 late in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks failed to win the game in regulation and gave the ball back to New York with time left. The Giants got into field goal range and kicker Jay Feely missed a 40-yard field goal, which gave Seattle new life as the game was sent to overtime.

Seattle punted to New York in overtime, but once again, Feely missed a field goal, this time a 54-yard attempt, once again giving the Seahawks a chance to win it.

Seattle could not take advantage and the Giants once again got the ball back. New York positioned itself for a game-winning 45-yard field goal. Feely had some serious demons in this game as he, for the third time, hooked a field goal try in that same very end zone, finally giving the Seahawks the chance they needed to eventually win the game.


In the Wild Card round of the 2006 NFL playoffs, the Seahawks hosted the Dallas Cowboys. Seattle scored a go-ahead touchdown to make it 21-20 late in the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys drove all the way down to the Seahawks two-yard line with just over a minute left and set up for a possible game-winning field goal facing towards the north end zone. The spooky winds were blowing again as starting quarterback Tony Romo bobbled the hold for the try and took off running out of a panic, eventually being tackled just short of a first down. Seattle got the ball back with the lead and took the lucky victory.

There is some serious Hocus Pocus going on in the north end zone, but there's no word on if three evil sisters are responsible. 

hocus pocus


The Seahawks were forming an identity that would eventually allow them to win a Super Bowl championship only one year later. They got a boost in 2012 from a contest simply named the “Fail Mary” game. Whenever a game has a nickname, you know there are shenanigans afoot.

The Seahawks had the ball with under a minute left in the game down 12-7 to the Green Bay Packers in Week 3. They drove down the field and got to the Green Bay 24-yard line with 12 seconds left with only enough time for a Hail Mary pass to the end zone.

This was in the midst of the NFL dealing with disputes with the referees and employed replacement refs were working games across the league. As Russell Wilson’s pass sailed into the end zone, both Golden Tate and Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings battled for the football going to the ground. Referees clearly weren't on the same page, initially making two different calls, but they eventually ruled it a game-winning touchdown.

It also seemed like Tate got away with offensive pass interference before the touchdown even happened, all in the spooky north end zone.


Seattle hosted the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football in October. The Seahawks were in control for the majority of the game and took a 13-10 lead late into the fourth quarter.

Down three with six minutes left, Detroit executed a clock-milking drive and got to the Seahawks 14-yard line with less than two minutes left, closing in on a huge road win. Matthew Stafford found Pro Bowl receiver Calvin Johnson and he looked to have nothing but space in front of him for a go-ahead touchdown. As Johnson approached that cursed north end zone, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas made contact with him just before he crossed the goal line.

Chancellor took advantage of the opportunity, punching the ball away from Johnson's grasp into the end zone. The Lions had a chance to recover it for a go-ahead score, but linebacker K.J. Wright batted the ball out of the end zone and officials ruled it a touchback.

Batting the ball purposefully during a fumble is illegal per league rules and the play was met with much criticism after officials allowed the Seahawks to keep the football and take a knee for the win.


Finally, after three years off, the Seahawks’ black magic struck again in the north end zone. In a back-and-forth, entertaining Thursday night bout, the Rams and Seahawks exchanged the lead five times. Seattle took the lead 30-29 late, but Los Angeles had a chance to drive down and win the game.

The Rams got within field goal range and allowed former All-Pro kicker Greg Zuerlein a chance at a game-winning 44-yard field goal. The kick hugged the right goal post and eventually sailed wide, clinching a big divisional win for the Seahawks.

Were supernatural forces at work again? Russell Wilson credits late Seahawks owner Paul Allen looking down from the heavens, guiding the kick wide right. Allen passed away last October due to complications from non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Whatever it may be, from black magic to the Supernatural to help from loved ones on the other side, there is something undeniably strange and spooky about the north end zone at Century Link Field. Don't be surprised to something else crazy happen there before this season concludes.

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Tony Romo's botched fumble was one of my favorite moments. That stadium was absolutely electric after that happened