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Pete on Progress: Why Seahawks Coach Carroll is 'Fired Up' About QB Geno Smith

Pete Carroll discusses the progress that both Geno Smith and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks have shown this season.

When an organization enters a rebuilding period, it is rarely easy for anyone involved, whether players or coaches, especially when all involved are dealing with not only criticism but also rumors.

The Seattle Seahawks are no different, with quarterback Geno Smith squarely in the middle of it all. 

Since the trade of quarterback Russell Wilson - controversial by nature - the question that has surrounded the Seahawks is whether Smith is a "bridge'' or whether he could be the future at the position.

Now, through three games, those questions still persist as the Seahawks sit at 1-2. However, coach Pete Carroll is impressed with what he's seen from Smith and the progress the Seahawks are making so far this season. 

"The next few weeks I think we can make strides," Carroll said. "These guys can’t help but learn and grow, and they’re out there playing and all that."

Smith has thrown for 717 yards and four touchdowns with only two interceptions, arguably showing flashes of being a quarterback the Seahawks can build around moving forward. 

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"As we all put it all together, if you like the Seahawks, how can you not be fired up about what Geno has done?" Carroll said.

The coach added, "It was a factor that was a question mark. You can see him. I’m really fired up about that.”

A QB and a team with a 1-2 record cannot pretend to have all the answers about the future. But it can choose to fight through rumors and criticism and to be "fired up.'' And that is the present Carroll-keyed mode.

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