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What If Steelers Sign Eric Fisher?

There are a lot of questions that come with the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are predicted to add left tackle Eric Fisher as a post-NFL Draft free agent signing. 

With that comes plenty of questions. How much money will the Steelers want to spend on a player over the age of 30? Does it mean Dan Moore Jr. moves to right tackle? What does this mean for Chuks Okorafor? 

The Steelers currently have $11.2 million in available cap space, with rookies Kenny Pickett, Calvin Austin and DeMarvin Leal still yet to sign. 

They'll be pushing the cap limit, but the NFL is filled with ways to create space, so finding money won't be an issue - as long as Fisher isn't asking for much. 

Right now, you'd have to believe the left tackle isn't seeking a major contract. So, if the Steelers are in the market for him, roughly $6-$8 million is where that contract should be. Anything over is giving up too much for a 30-plus lineman. Anything under would be a steal - so make it happen. 

Then, there's the questions of Moore and Okorafor. Does Moore switch over to the right side and compete with Okorafor? Does Okorafor's new contract make him invincible for the 2022 season? And if the team doesn't decide to move Moore, what's the future hole for the second-year fourth-round pick? 

The big question is, is it worth it? If the Steelers are trying to develop Moore into their future tackle, is putting uncertainty on his 2022 status too big of a risk? But, on the other hand, is putting that much faith in someone who didn't show major upside as a rookie putting the season in jeopardy? 

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