Steelers vs Bengals: Live Game Updates, Reactions and Community

Noah Strackbein

Stay connected during the Pittsburgh Steelers' game. As kickoff gets under way, join Steelers Insider, Noah Strackbein, and all of Steelers Nation to discuss each moment of Week 12. Noah will be chatting with all comments below.

Injury Report

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Noah - No surprises here. The Steelers expected to be without James Conner or JuJu Smith-Schuster after neither of them practiced this week. It'll be a Jaylen Samuels, Benny Snell Jr. backfield for Pittsburgh. Expect Snell to get a bulk of the load with Samuels helping more in the pass game.  

First Quarter

Steelers 0 | Bengals 0 

Noah - It's another defensive game for the Steelers. This offense is getting worse by the week, and frankly, it's no longer a team Mason Rudolph should be running. Kerrith Whyte is their best offensive threat and unless the defense scores, this could easily be a 0-0 tie. 

It was an embarrassingly slow first quarter for Pittsburgh. Something needs to change. Rudolph needs to at least do enough to get 3 points on the board. 

Second Quarter 

Steelers 3 | Bengals 0 

Noah - There is it! The running game gets the Steelers into the redzone after a nice catch from Deon Cain. Pittsburgh is on the board, and really this could be enough. Three points doesn't sound great, but at this point the could walk away with a win after one field goal. 

Steelers 3 | Bengals 7 

Noah - Tyler Boyd just strong-armed the entire Steelers defense. In two plays, he walked down the field, out-jumped Terrell Edmunds and Joe Haden, and put the Bengals in the lead. 

The Steelers are now two Christ Boswell field goals away from controlling this game again. You can't say it's going to come through the offense, so if Pittsburgh wants to not be the first team to lose to the Bengals, they'll get in field position for their kicker a few times.

Third Quarter 

Steelers 10 | Bengals 10

Noah - It's Duck time. The Steelers make a change at quarterback, bringing Devlin Hodges in to replace Mason Rudolph. Let's see how well Duck does.

Noah - DEVLIN DUCK HODGES. The Pittsburgh Steelers take the lead and Duck Hodges has secured his spot on this offense. It's a new game for the Steelers. They're fired up. Time for the defense to keep this momentum moving. 

Noah - Oh, hello Joe Mixon. It was just about that time for the Bengals offense to find a light. This drive, it was Joe Mixon, who dragged the defense all the way down to the 12-yard line but was then denied. 

The faith in the defense isn't low by any means. If this team needs stops, they're going to make them. Two bad scoring drives won't define what they're capable of - especially against the Bengals.

Fourth Quarter

Steelers 16 | Bengals 10

Noah - Somehow the Steelers made a risky move to put Devlin Hodges in - it works - and then return to calling short passes and screen plays. If you're going to let Hodges throw it up on the first drive, let him do it the entire game. The Steelers could have a lot more momentum if they stopped playing it safe. 

Noah - The offense had a chance to put the game away on that drive, but another failed redzone trip results in only a six-point lead. Hodges will probably get another chance to shut this one out and needs to take advantage. Benny Snell will get another heft work-load on the next drive. This finish will be on the offense. 

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Game Day