Steelers vs Browns: Live Game Updates, Reactions and Community

Noah Strackbein

Stay connected during the Pittsburgh Steelers' game. As kickoff gets under way, join Steelers Insider, Noah Strackbein, and all of Steelers Nation to discuss each moment of Week 11. Noah will be chatting with all comments below.

Injury Report

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Noah - Nothing surprising for the Steelers this week as James Conner and Ramon Foster return to the roster. Both only had three days of preparation this week to adjust back to game speed before Cleveland. Foster should see a normal rep count. Conner could get eased back into full speed after missing two weeks. 

Justin Layne will miss tonight's game and have to wait before he faces his childhood team. Growing up a Browns fan, it'll be heartfelt the first time he suits up at FirstEnergy Stadium. He'll get another chance to face Cleveland at Heinz Field in two weeks.

First Quarter

Steelers 0 | Browns 7

Noah - Not the start the Steelers were looking for but have they had a strong start this season? Seriously, it's not like anyone expected to walk into Cleveland and go up by 21 at the end of the first quarter. 

The Steelers are going to have to fight like they have all season. Steven Nelson cannot get lost playing Odell Beckham Jr. like that if the defensive line isn't going to get to Baker Mayfield. Slow start but all around mistakes. Expect improvement. 

Noah - The last time Chris Boswell kicked in this stadium he missed in overtime. This time, he missed in the first quarter. You can say it was a bad hold, but it's too late in the season to be making special teams mistakes like this. 

Second Quarter

Steelers 0 | Browns 14

Noah - Well, this is not what the Steelers wanted. We're about to see if this offense can still win when they're down against an actual team. It isn't looking good, and if this defense can't stop the passing game they're going to come no where near a comeback. 

Things aren't clicking on both sides. The defense is feeling the pressure and if Mason Rudolph doesn't start playing quality football, that pressure will just continue to build. 

Noah - James Conner has re-injured his shoulder and is questionable to return. Conner wasn't running aggressively and could've been dealing with pain when coming into the game. Chances are he's out for the rest of the night. 

JuJu Smith-Schuster is on the ground and if he's hurt this offense is over. Mason Rudolph looks lost out there and without his top two options this offense is going to sink fast. 

Update: Smith-Schuster is ruled out with a concussion.

Third Quarter

Steelers 7 | Browns 14

Noah - Somehow, in this disaster of a football game, the Steelers are only a touchdown away from tying this game. If it wasn't for the mistakes of the Browns this would be a blowout, and I'm not totally sold this offense would be able to score if it wasn't for penalties. 

The night is still young if Cleveland can't get anything rolling either. The Steelers defense hasn't scored a touchdown yet, so right now, anything is possible. 

Fourth Quarter

Steelers 7 | Browns 21


Game Day