Steelers vs Browns: Live Game Updates, Reactions and Community

Noah Strackbein

Stay connected during the Pittsburgh Steelers' game. As kickoff gets under way, join Noah Strackbein and all of Steelers Nation to discuss each moment of Week 13. Noah will be chatting with all comments below.

Injury Report

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Noah - No surprises for the Steelers today. James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster continue to miss time, but James Washington and Benny Snell proved they can handle the workload last week. They'll need to do the same today to overcome the Browns. 

First Quarter 

Steelers 0 | Browns 3

Noah - The Browns offense looks exactly like they have the last three weeks. It's not a poor effort from Pittsburgh but rather stars finally clicking for Cleveland. The Steelers will need to bring everything they've got, because this group of players might be one of the best they've played all season. 

Even if the Browns put points on the board on the opening drive, it doesn't mean this defense won't hold them to a reasonable score throughout this game. The offense needs to do "enough" to keep their team on top. The defense will gain momentum, hopefully, and leave it for Duck to stay competitive. 

Second Quarter

Steelers 10 | Browns 10

Noah - It's hard to blame the defense - although there's miscommunication - when the offense is doing nothing to help. There's not enough talent to really make much happen, but this group needs to find something if they're going to stay competitive. If not, this defense is going to be gasses by the end of the half. 

Long game still, but it can start getting ugly any minute. Randy Fichtner needs to find a game plan that gets the ball moving. No matter screen passes and rushes for the first two downs. Take a chance, it works sometimes. 

Noah - See what happens when you open up the playbook? Run wildcat until it doesn't work, give Hodges a chance to throw it deep - but please, please, someone tell him to step up in the pocket. Whenever he drops backs you know he's going to scramble to the right. 

They're making progress, but it's only a drive - that resulted in a field goal. Fichtner needs to keep this going for the rest of the game. By no means can they take their foot off the gas. 

Noah - James Washington just made the catch of the year for the entire NFL season. Duck Hodges is out here slinging it around like he's been doing it all season. Right now, this offense looks better than it has in weeks. 

Third Quarter

Steelers 17 | Browns 10 

Noah - Devlin Hodges. James Washington. Devlin Hodges. James Washington. 

This offense changed one thing from a week ago - quarterback - and somehow, they've became a unit that just scored 17 unanswered points on a team that was ready to shut them out. Devlin Hodges is making plays with his arm, James Washington is playing like a Pro Bowler and the Pittsburgh Steelers are rolling... finally. 

Fourth Quarter 

Steelers 20 | Browns 13

Noah - Duck Hodges drove the Steelers all the way to within the 10 only to fumble out of bounds on third down. Not his best moment of the afternoon, but a small hiccup in a performance that has rejuvenated this team. 

Bud Dupree and T.J. Watt are the best outside linebacker duo in the NFL. There isn't even a question about it, they do everything you need from the position and more. And if the Steelers are going to keep this game rolling in their direction, the rest of the defense is about to start adding to their contributions.  

Noah - Baker marched the ball down when needed, but this game remains in the hands of the Steelers. Hodges looks good, but right now, Snell needs to carry this team. Pick up first down after first down and get another score on the board. Then, let the defense handle it.


Game Day