Steelers vs Cardinals: Live Game Updates, Reactions and Community

Noah Strackbein

Stay connected during the Pittsburgh Steelers' game. As kickoff gets under way, join Noah Strackbein and all of Steelers Nation to discuss each moment of Week 14. Noah will be chatting with all comments below.

First Quarter

Steelers 10 | Cardinals 3

Noah - The Steelers had their first strong opening drive of the season. Behind a strong run game, Pittsburgh marched down for a field goal and was able to gain some early momentum after. 

Diontae Johnson took a punt 85-yards to the house as Pittsburgh West lost their mind in excitement. A 10-3 lead to end the first is where the Steelers want to be. Put the pressure on the defense 

Second Quarter 

Steelers 13 | Cardinals 10

Noah - Arizona and Kyler Murray aren't going down easy. They're moving quick, using a variety of formations and keeping the Steelers defense on their toes. It isn't flashy plays making the difference but consistency.

They're showing just how well they take care of the football. The Steelers offense needs to generate something more than a touchdown in the second half to put a gap between the two. 

Third Quarter 

Steelers 20 | Cardinals 10

Noah - Are the Steelers... clicking? Devlin Hodges, Benny Snell and Diontae Johnson are putting together an effort that looks hard-fought and tough to stop. They made a statement drive after Joe Haden came up with the interception and it was the first time you felt there was something happening with this offense.

Noah - T.J. Watt - Defensive Player of the Year.

Fourth Quarter

Steelers 23 | Cardinals 17

Noah - What was that? If Danny Smith called that fake punt he should be gone tomorrow. Special teams may actually cost this team the game - in a game where Diontae Johnson took a punt return to the house. 

Then, there's Terrell Edmunds make the worst jump on the ball of the season. He had an easy interception and ended up having to try and jump for the ball, only for it to land in the hands of the receiver. 

Those plays can't happen. Play your game and Edmunds' is not making plays on the ball.

Noah - Duck avoids pressure to extend the play outside the pocket, looks up-field and Diontae Johnson is still running around looking for open space. A Ben Roethlisberger-Antonio Brown moment that touched the heart a little bit. 

Give an undrafted quarterback a chance to beat the first overall pick of his draft class and he's going to play with a chip on his shoulder. Hodges is playing different from what we've seen before. He's playing with purpose. And he has put his defense in a position to close this out.


Game Day