Cam Heyward Expresses Caution on Upcoming Season, Wants to Make Smart Decision on Playing

Donnie Druin

The 2020 NFL season is scheduled to kickoff in less than three months time, and the league still has questions to sort out in terms of the logistics of playing. With a pandemic such as COVID-19, it's difficult to plan months ahead when the immediate future seems uncertain as well. 

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive linemen Cameron Heyward visited with NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano to discuss the upcoming season. Heyward, who has asthma, is more at risk to contract a severe illness via COVID-19. 

"Currently I've been working out, just trying to get ready, but I have to have these talks with my family and make sure I take every precaution if I'm gonna go back" said Heyward. "We don't have a vaccine. We're still dealing with a lot of testing and things have to fall in place. I have to do what's right for family. I have to make sure I don't jeopardize them as well as myself."

Heyward is the Steelers' player representative for the NFLPA, thus making him more privy to information exchanged by the league and the player's association as the clock ticks on the upcoming season. 

Make no mistake, Heyward is eager to get back on the field.

Heyward is not alone in sharing concern over the 2020 season, as many other players across other major sports leagues have come forward and expressed their feelings towards their respective seasons continuing. Big names in the league such as Sean Payton, Von Miller and Ezekiel Elliott tested positive for COVID-19 in the last few months. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported ten teams in the league have had players/coaches test positive. 

"We're gonna have to be very smart about this" said Heyward. "This isn't a decision that's made in one or two days due to not having a vaccine and still dealing with this. We've got to make sure that every player and every family feels safe doing this."

The league still has July 28th in their sights as a potential start of training camp. 

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