Changes won't be made, meaning the Pittsburgh Steelers need to live simply in Week 2

Noah Strackbein

Execution has always been the theme of the NFL. For Mike Tomlin, he preaches it as much as anyone. If the Steelers win under him, he chalks it up to nothing more. And to fix Pittsburgh's flaws on defense, he's not going to rely on anything else. 

It's no secret the Steelers defense struggled with underneath passing routes. New England's carrot cut offensive go-to continued to free up Edelman over the middle while the Steelers linebackers and slot corners seemed three steps behind.

Ask anyone on Twitter and they'll tell you adjustments needed to be made to cover these crossing routes. Whether it was playing zone or leaving an inside backer floating in the middle, something seemed destined to change after a disastrous Week 1 performance. 

Well, it won't. During Tuesday's press conference, Mike Tomlin was asked what his team will do if the Seattle Seahawks attempt to run a similar offense with underneath crossing routes. Tomlin's response; execute. 

There won't be change for the Steelers. Tomlin said nothing needs to be adjusted, but instead, executed better. If Seattle comes out mimicking the same offensive style the Patriots ran in Week 1, Pittsburgh doesn't need to make any drastic changes or in-game adjustments. All they need to do is play better, according to Tomlin.

Meaning Pittsburgh doesn't have any options but to actually play a more well-rounded game on defense. In the words of Tomlin, DK Metcalf, "looks like a linebacker and runs like a wideout." 

Defending that alone will be a challenge for Joe Haden, Terrell Edmunds and Steven Nelson. Having to worry about players like Tyler Lockett and Jaron Brown will only add to their list of tasks in Week 2. 

If the defensive game plan remains the same at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh isn't destined for a loss. It's not time to jump on the 'we're in trouble' train. The Steelers don't change things up most of the time. 

What they do, do is - play better. 

It's simple but difficult. The most underrated aspect of football. Not everyone does it, not everyone follows it, but Mike Tomlin lives by it. The only ways the Pittsburgh Steelers improve from 0-1 is by doing what they've done time and time again; execute. 


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