Expectations Following Myles Garrett's Blow on Mason Rudolph

Noah Strackbein

The NFL world watched as the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night matchup came to an end. As the clock ticked under a minute, tensions heated and a scuffle between Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett - leading to a moment the league will be reminded of for years to come. 

Less than a month since returning from a concussion that left him unconscious on the field against the Baltimore Ravens, Mason Rudolph's head became the prime target for possibly the biggest man in football. 

Myles Garrett's helmet hit on Rudolph is being called the closest thing to on-field criminal activity the league has ever seen. Not only are people talking about suspensions within the NFL, but the possibility that Rudolph could press assault charges after the incident. 

The NFL has yet to make a statement following the incident, but some news is surfacing about the incident. ESPN's Brooke Pryor reported that Rudolph's agent is still considering all options about the legal options after the blow. 

Expectations - Most believe that the NFL will hand Garrett a record-long suspension and declare his season over. With seven games remaining for the Browns, many say Garrett shouldn't be allowed to suit up for Cleveland again this season. 

Legally, perspectives are more harsh than they probably are but James Harrison offered some insight on what Garrett would be looking at if this incident happened off the field.

Steelers players aren't sure what will happen to Maurkice Pouncey and David DeCastro, but neither are concerned with the punishment they're handed. Pouncey told reporters after the game that he went into "protection" mode after Garrett made contact with the quarterback. Both Pouncey and DeCastro said they'll take whatever suspension and fine the NFL hands them. 

While no official word has come from anywhere yet, many hope it takes place soon. The NFL finds themselves in a situation where they'll need to be extra cautious on how they deliver this message and hand whatever punishments they deem necessary for the actions on the field. 

If Twitter is correct, Garrett will be looking at his season coming to an end and Pouncey could be sidelined for three games. Whatever fines come with these suspensions will be known at the time they're given out, and for right now, nothing is more than an educated guess on how the league will handle Thursday night's brawl. 

Update: The NFL has suspended Maurkice Pouncey 3 games for his involvement. 

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