It's not a 'possibility' the Steelers are good in 2019

Noah Strackbein

It's getting frustrating listening to people talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers 'possibly' being good. What's the possibility - strong? Very Strong? Excellent?

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't removed themselves from the elite teams in the NFL because of Antonio Brown. 

There's more talent than one wide receiver in Pittsburgh. Yes, it may be difficult to remember because of the attention Brown grabbed from the media, but he wasn't the only player the Steelers had on the roster.

Ben Roethlisberger is a future Hall of Famer, James Conner is a Pro Bowler. Oh, so is JuJu Smith-Schuster. T.J. Watt is headed to major places, Joe Haden found his partner, Terrell Edmunds is ready to earn his place in the NFL. 

This team has more than most. It's not a 'possibility' they'll be good - it's an expectation.

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