Mike Tomlin spent a short sentence talking about Robert Griffin III when discussing the Baltimore Ravens' offense. As reports arise that Lamar Jackson won't play in Week 17 with the Ravens already securing the top seed in the AFC, RGIII is set to make his first start of the season for Baltimore. 

It wasn't Griffin that caught Tomlin's eye this week, though. When mentioning the quarterback depth, and it's ability to maintain the offensive flow in the run game - something Jackson has done extremely well this season - he highlighted former Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley. 

"Even thought Lamar might not play, at least that's what we're hearing, we better be prepared for the schematics associated with his abilities," Tomlin said. "RGIII is mobile, we know that we've been at stadiums with him before, but I'll also be remiss if I didn't talk about Trace McSorley, who's also their third quarterback. Although he hadn't played in any regular season action, this is a guy that we're very familiar with because he went to Penn State."

What the Steelers head coach saw from the Penn State grad is a unique ability to play with his feet. McSorley threw for 9,899 yards and 77 touchdowns during his four years as a Nittany Lion, but during his senior season proved just how effective he could be on the ground. 

In his final year at Penn State, McSorley rushed for 798 yards and 12 touchdowns, finishing second in the Big Ten in rushing scores his senior season. 

"We're familiar with the things that he's capable of doing in terms of his legs to extend plays and by designed runs," Tomlin said. "They're fully capable of getting a look at him in the same ways that they utilize Lamar Jackson so we're not breathing a sigh of relief in terms of quarterback mobility, its impact on the game and also, the designed run element of it. 

In an offense that has dominated through the ground, McSorley is expected to have some role in the Ravens' final regular season showdown with the Steelers. Pittsburgh's defense has held mobile quarterbacks in check over the second half of the season, but haven't taken any lightly in preparation. 

This week, nothing is changing. 

"We got to keep our nose down and do a really good job of preparing in that way if we want to minimize that element of play," Tomlin said.