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The reaction to Joey Porter's words on Ben Roethlisberger comes differently

Joey Porter added himself to the list of former Steelers who have called out Ben Roethlisberger's leadership. But at this point the complaints are too late.

“It’s clear he has the power, and how he uses it? He uses it for him,” Porter said about Ben Roethlisberger. From there, it became very clear the former outside linebacker didn't have many nice things to say about his Super Bowl winning quarterback. 

But at this point it's nothing no one hasn't heard. The media has watched player after player call out the Steelers' gun-slinger. Starting with Antonio Brown and continuing with new teammates to this day. 

At this point, though, we've moved on. Even if Ben was in the wrong, which he has said he may have been, he's apologized. It's old news. News we don't need to continue adding to.

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