Steelers Rookie Devin Bush: Playing Frank Gore is "One of Those Moments"

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- When Frank Gore was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2005, Steelers linebacker Devin Bush was waiting on his eight birthday. The Florida native may not have known he would end up in the NFL at the time, and even 15 years later, it's hard to imagine he believed he'd be playing against a back who made his first Pro Bowl in 2006. 

Yet, entering his 15th game as an NFL players, Bush is about to square off against the league's third-most rushing yards leader. For Gore, he may not think of this week any differently from the last - maybe Bush doesn't either - but to face off with one of the most historic players in today's game, the Steelers linebacker is excited to put Week 16 in the scrapbook.

"Just to share a field with him I think will be one of those moments where it's like I got to do that. As of right now, I feel like he's taking that tour where he's taking it all in," Bush said. "I'm part of that, you know what I'm saying? So that's cool."

Gore didn't become the NFL's third-highest rusher off born talent. The Bills running back has worked his way through four organizations, providing a steady work load for all of them, while overcoming time and punishment on the body to keep his career going. 

In Bush's opinion, a career like that has to be done throughout the year. It's not something that comes without working hard and preparing yourself each and every day to continue to contribute at a high level. 

Gore has never been the biggest or the fastest back - he's only made five Pro Bowls throughout the course of a 15-year career - but he's one of the most respected runners in football. Players from around the league see his work ethic and credit to for how well he's been able to keep playing. At age 36, Bush said he's not putting in a normal work ethic.

"Dedication. Super dedication. Preparation of course. I mean, everything he does is off the charts," Bush said. "The way he gets prepared for games, for seasons, maybe even practice, it all shows because look how long he's been doing it. And he's a running back and he's not the biggest running back, you know what I'm saying? He's different."

In Week 15, Bush and the Steelers defense are preparing for a running back by committee coming from Buffalo. The Bills have used a mix of Devin Singletary, Gore and T.J. Yeldon throughout the backfield, utilizing two 500-yard rushers and a pass-savvy back to round out the offense. 

While Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday that the Bills' offense flows through Josh Allen's mobility, Bush recognizes the ground attack coming from the runners. Starting with the rookie and finishing with the vet. 

"I think they do a good job of getting Singletary started fast, then they just put Frank Gore in there to just clean it up," Bush said. 


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