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La Confora: Deshaun Watson Will Never Play for Browns

The Cleveland Browns could be in trouble, according to the belief of one NFL insider.

The Cleveland Browns could be in trouble, according to the belief of one NFL insider. After three days of trial, quarterback Deshaun Watson awaits the verdict of his suspension from the NFL. According to CBS Sports' Jason La Confora, there's a thought that Watson never wears a Browns uniform during the season. 

La Confora made this known during an appearance on 93.7 The Fan when he said there could be more coming out surrounding Watson and these sexual assault lawsuits. 

"I don’t know if Deshaun Watson is ever going to play with the Cleveland Browns,” La Confora said. "If he is told to sit on the sidelines for a year, what more comes out during that year?"

La Confora also said the Browns didn't do any research into Watson's case, which could lead to many surprises as time passes. 

"I wouldn’t not hazard a guess on how many games he starts for the Browns," La Confora said. "I have to see him start one before I even consider it."

Watson met with at least 66 women over the course of 17 months, according to a report from the New York Times. He has settled 20 of his current 24 lawsuits. 

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