JuJu Smith-Schuster Hints Contract Negotiations Aren't Going Well With Steelers

It doesn't seem very optimistic JuJu Smith-Schuster is staying with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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PITTSBURGH -- We know JuJu Smith-Schuster wants to remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers if the financial side is right. 

The wide receiver has reiterated multiple times that he's looking to keep his "legacy" in Pittsburgh. On the Yinzhers podcast, he mentioned he's looking for a quarterback, competitive and has the money to pay him what he's worth. 

"In all consideration, I would love to stay with the Steelers," Smith-Schuster said when asked about his free agency decision. "I would love to stay with them. But right now, we're up in the air waiting. It's like playing chess, waiting to see where the pieces go, and from there, I'll decide."

Now, we're getting hints that his time in Pittsburgh might be over. Tackle Zach Banner, who's also a pending free agent, tweeted out that he's staying off social media until he signs a contract this offseason. 

Many believe Banner is staying in Pittsburgh. He mentioned earlier in the offseason that he had the "best" exit interview of his life, and everyone promptly assumed that meant the Steelers told him they're keeping him around. 

Smith-Schuster tossed his comment on Banner's social media post, which leaves some concern to his level of confidence with the Steelers this offseason. 

Maybe Smith-Schuster was already told the Steelers can't afford him this spring. Maybe they're taking care of other players before they try to negotiate a long-term deal with someone who doesn't hold as much ground as other positions. 

Who knows. But it's a comment like this is never a great sign progress is being made.

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