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Kevin Dotson Confirms Mitchell Trubisky is Steelers Starting QB at Camp

The offensive lineman said the Pittsburgh Steelers made it known who will start at camp.

PITTSBURGH -- The biggest story coming out of the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason is who will replace Ben Roethlisberger. According to one offensive lineman, Mitchell Trubisky is that guy as they begin OTAs. 

Offensive guard Kevin Dotson was speaking with media when he said the team told the offensive line that heading into practices, Trubisky is the starter. 

"They pretty much said it already that Mitch is going to be number one," Dotson said. "We're going to take what we get. We don't really care who's behind us when it comes down to it. We're going to play hard regardless of who's behind us."

Dotson didn't confirm who on the team made that statement, but did say it came was told to the offensive line group.

"Team wise. They pretty much made that decision," Dotson said.

The quarterback competition is supposedly between Trubisky, Mason Rudolph and first-round pick Kenny Pickett. As of now, the three QBs are looking at it like as open battle.

Trubisky told media he didn't know the Steelers planned to bring in other quarterbacks, but expected to have to compete.

"I knew coming into the situation, wherever I went I was going to go to have to come in and compete," Trubisky said. 

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