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Connor Heyward, Kenny Pickett and Cam Heyward are All Locker Mates

This is going to be a fun season in the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room.

PITTSBURGH -- Cam Heyward isn't just taking on one rookie as his locker mate, but he also has his little brother next to him as well. The Pittsburgh Steelers locker room just got a lot more interesting. 

When asked if Connor Heyward has any advice to Kenny Pickett on being locker mates with his brother, Heyward laughed and said he's right next to Cam as well. 

"It's cool to have my brother right there," Heyward said. "Maybe I can haze him a little bit." 

Right now, it's just Pickett and Heyward while Rookie Minicamp is underway. Which, is already turning into a connection between the quarterback and tight end. 

"Right now it's just me and Kenny back there talking," Heyward said. "Today we went over some plays a little bit before practice." 

Connor and Cam have been a lot of fun to cover in the short few weeks they've been teammates, but the younger Heyward is looking to take as much from his older brother as possible while in Pittsburgh. 

"How ever many years he has left, I think it's really cool to be next to him and soak up as much information and knowledge from him until that day comes," Heyward said. 

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