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Steelers' Trai Turner Thanks Mike Tomlin After Ejection

The Pittsburgh Steelers guard addressed his ejection in Week 2.

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Trai Turner acknowledges he didn't make the best decision during the team's Week 2 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. 

In the midst of a heated fourth quarter battle, Turner was disqualified after a personal foul. According to head coach Mike Tomlin, Turner was spit on by a Raiders' defender and retaliated, resulting in the ejection.

Turner doesn't feel the conversation should continue much further at this point, but did want to thank those around him after what happened.

"Really, with that situation, I'd really like to thank you to Coach T and thank you to my teammates just for having my back," Turner said. "Everybody that saw the situation and was in the game knew what happened, knew what took place and why it went the way that it did."

Turner said maybe he could've kept his "cool" a little better in the moment but also knows it was an in-the-moment decision.

"When you're presented with circumstances that you're not familiar with, sometimes you go into foreign territory and that's kind of what happened," Turner said.

And even if the incident cost the Steelers their starting right guard for the final 12 minutes of the ballgame, Turner learned something valuable from it. 

"What transpired this past week showed me that I have more people that have my back than I thought," he said.

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