Steelers' Cameron Heyward Wants Protesters to Be Heard

Noah Strackbein

As the days pass and protests continue to march through the streets of cities across the country, Steelers captain Cameron Heyward is speaking out to shine more light on the matter. 

During his appearance on WDVE-FM Morning Show, Heyward spoke on his thoughts and experiences on police brutality. Throughout the show, Heyward made it clear several times that he believes, "so many of them are great people and so many great cops that do a great job."

Still, the protests over the death of George Floyd, who died as Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was being filmed kneeling on his neck, have Heyward feeling the need to use his platform to speak.

"My wife is white, and we have had a talk like this, and I have had to tell her ‘I don’t always feel comfortable around police officers,’" Heyward said. "I almost feel like I have to be to-the-book and be to-the-T. I have to make sure they know that I am not an in any instance trying to make them feel threatened, I almost have to articulate even more and make sure that I want them to be safe."

Heyward said his status as an athlete doesn't change how safe he feels around the police. He told the story of getting pulled over coming home from a flight following an away game. 

During the situation, his wallet was in his luggage and while retrieving it, three police vehicles showed up at the scene. 

"There’s been times where like there is almost like a radar in my brain," Heyward said, "where I am like, ‘OK, I’ve got to make sure things don’t get out of hand.’"

His thoughts on the protests happening throughout the city, including Pittsburgh, is the hope to bring change. 

Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The three other officers involved in the situation were fired but have not been charged with a crime. 

"I want these protesters to have their voices be heard," Heyward said on WDVE. “I’m all for everybody giving people a fair shake – but how those three cops were not arrested when it comes to George Floyd? It’s a spiral – and we are worrying about protesting now instead of worrying about the people who need to be arrested, get arrested.

"There are great people that protect our world, but we have racism and people not being for the betterment of our world or the betterment of every man, we are living in a screwed-up world."

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