Mike Tomlin Facing COVID-19: 'We Have to Embrace Short-Term Misery'

Noah Strackbein

As of now, the NFL is slowly releasing guidelines as they plan to start the NFL season on time this fall. 

While we wait, the feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty has taken over everyone, including NFL head coaches. For Steelers' Mike Tomlin, he's using this time as a moment to reflect on what will come.

Speaking at Hampton Roads All Star Football Camp, Tomlin addressed a number of football and life-related questions for members of his homestate football program. One of which included the NFL's waiting game trying to circulate around COVID-19

"Life is not going to be defined by what happens to him, things outside of their control. Their life is going to be defined by how they respond to those things, not only in the short term, but in the long term," Tomlin said. "We can't fear short-term misery. We have to embrace short-term misery. It can't be about short-term gratification. There are going to be some dark days ahead. As mentors, we that interact with people, we can't ignore that exists.

"It's the same thing I am talking to my rookies about right now. There are a lot of reasons for an NFL rookie in 2020 to fail. I am looking for guys who are looking to excel despite this. It might be setting themselves up for successful careers. It might not show up in terms of statistic in 2020.

"It's tough right now. It's made for tough-minded people. Smile in the face of it, roll your sleeves up and get working. In the long run, you know they win."

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