Steelers Players React to CBA Proposal

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- Thursday, the NFL finalized the approval of a new CBA the league would fall under if agreed upon by the NFLPA and the players themselves. 

After the news broke of the changed terms within the agreement, many players from across the league took to social media to express their opinions on the matter. While not many Steelers joined the conversation, there were some who showed their disapproval of the new league they may fall under for the next 10 years. 

Steve Nelson started the discussion off by tweeting his thoughts on the matter. Without much detail, it's pretty apparent the cornerback isn't excited about the possibility of adding another game to the regular season.

T.J. Watt retweeted his brother J.J.'s tweet stating simply, "hard no." Without giving his own opinion on the matter, he showed his support in shutting down the proposed CBA. 

Ramon Foster will represent the Steelers during the NFLPA's conference call on Friday to vote on the new CBA. Without diving into his thoughts on the new regulations put into place, the veteran guard discussed the thoughts of others on social media. 

Foster stuck with pointing out the facts instead of jumping on an opinion. Before he votes on Friday, he tweeted that he does not have an opinion on the subject at the moment and believes it needs to be discussed at length before anything. That tweet has since been deleted. 

The new CBA will change a number of circumstances within the league, including the addition of a seventh playoff team and an added regular season game for each team. 

The NFLPA is set to vote on the proposed CBA on Friday with a two-thirds vote needed to pass. If it gets approved, the players will then vote on the proposal with a majority vote for it to be finalized.

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