An Exclusive Look at Terry Bradshaw's “Celebrity Ghost Stories" Appearance

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw has been a face of television since 1984. The Hall of Fame quarterback can be found on your local FOX channel every Sunday during football season, breaking down games and giving insight to what's happening on the field. 

But Bradshaw's newest adventure is one that's taking him beyond everyday life. Stepping away from football, Bradshaw will appear on A&E's "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on Wednesday, April 15, at 10pm ET/PT. 

Exclusive Preview of Bradshaw's story: 

Bradshaw joins host and psychic medium Kim Russo to discuss his experiences at his Oklahoma ranch. Supported by his wife Tammy, the two take Russo through the paranormal activities they've encountered throughout the years while living on the fully operational, 744-acre, cattle and horse ranch along the Red River in Thackerville, OK. 

"Celebrity Ghost Stories" follows Russo and her star-studded guests as they venture back to the places they've had paranormal experiences. For Bradshaw, those stories include sudden rocking on chairs, his daughters' inabilities to go into certain rooms and the inexplainable misplacing of things around the ranch. 

Tammy and Terry both explain how they've had objects taken from their home, only to have them turn up later. In the preview, a luggage bag vanishes for nearly a year before being found in the middle of the laundry room the day before the film crew shows up. 

Bradshaw and Russo explore this and the rest of the unexplained stories of the ranch in Wednesday's night's episode on A&E. 

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