Steelers vs Panthers: Final chance to impress for many

The preseason is officially coming to an end and the Pittsburgh Steelers have less than a week to trim their 90-man roster to 53, leaving plenty of players with one final chance to earn their place.

Like all 32 teams in the NFL, the Steelers face difficult decisions in cutting their roster to the required 53-men. Both offense and defense have plenty of players sitting on the roster bubble, needing Week 4 to provide that last influence to push them over the edge. 

Players like Tuzar Skipper and Kameron Kelly look to impress one final time before the coaches needed to decide if they're headed to the regular season. 

On the other side, guys like Marcus Allen and Diontae Spencer are on the outside looking in, hoping this week they can prove they're worth an NFL roster spot. A strong performance in Week 4 and they could tip the scales in their favor. 

It's a week with plenty of potential and tons to watch. From bubble players to backup quarterbacks, the Steelers need to finalize all their questions before deciding which team they're bringing to Week 1. 

Don't expect a starter on the field, but with backup questions and roster fillers still in need, Week 4 of the 2019 preseason offers as much as any game the Steelers have played this year.