Video: Zach Banner Asks Devlin Hodges, "How Open Does Someone Have to Be?"

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- It wasn't a long interview, but for a moment, Steelers quarterback Devlin Hodges' weekly media time turned into an explanation as to why Zach Banner hasn't caught a pass this season. 

In Week 14, Steelers Nation thought they were about to witness the moment they've been waiting for all season. Zach Banner, the "eligible receiver" and backup tackle, has quickly become a fan favorite. His constant smile and outgoing personality circulated its way from the locker room to the bleachers - making Banner as big of a story as the quarterback who didn't throw him the ball. 

Banner wasn't thrilled with not getting the ball. In a joking exchange between tackle and quarterback, Banner and Hodges went back-and-forth, asking and explaining why a pump fake wasn't a pass.

While the media approached Hodges on Wednesday in the Steelers' locker room, Banner used the opportunity to find out just how open he needs to be to have a ball thrown his way. 

Hodges' response:

"They've got to be pretty open. Not saying that number 72, Zach Banner, wasn't open, but I will say that I didn't want my completion percentage to go down so."