10 Minute Takes: Do the Steelers Draft a Quarterback in 2020? And When?

Noah Strackbein

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Do the Steelers Draft a Quarterback? And When?

Do the Steelers draft a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft? Yes. It makes too much sense to at least add another option to the mix. With little success coming from Mason Rudolph in 2019, even if his record doesn't indicate it, there's too much worry with the options on deck. 

The Steelers can't come out and sign a veteran option because of their cap situation. Therefore, their two options are add through the draft or go with what they have. 

Even if they've said they're comfortable with in-house players, there's too much risk to stay content when your defense is as strong as it is. If Pittsburgh is going to do what they need to to keep as much of that unit together as possible, they may as well have a few backup plans if Ben Roethlisberger can't play. 

So, will they draft a quarterback? Yes. The next question is when? 

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