10 Minute Takes: The Steelers Need Duck Hodges

Noah Strackbein

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The Steelers Need Duck Hodges

It's not an exaggeration. The Pittsburgh Steelers won't become Super Bowl favorites with Devlin 'Duck' Hodges behind center, but they'll keep winning. At 6-5, fighting back from one of the craziest underdog stories the NFL has seen in recent memory, this team is only concerned about one thing - winning this week. 

Hodges is the type of player who's constantly concerned about the now, because to him, there is no tomorrow. Mike Tomlin said it himself that this is simply a "this week" solution that could carry towards the future. Which means Hodges is coming out trying to prove everything. 

He may not be a future Hall of Famer, but Duck Hodges is the best option for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The "spark" he provided against the Bengals wasn't a coincidence. Hodges has something about him that screams 'winner' and the Steelers need it. 

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