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Mike Tomlin Starting to See Steelers Problems

The problem is no one seems to care about fixing the Pittsburgh Steelers problems.

PITTSBURGH -- It was not a press conference many Pittsburgh Steelers fans were expecting, and when Mike Tomlin hit the podium to address the state of this 3-7 team, he was very open about the issues within it. 

The problem was that he made excuses for every one of them. 

From Kenny Pickett's development, injuries and the offense being predictable, Tomlin didn't really care about any of it. However, he did admit all of them were happening. 

Two Steelers are headed to the semifinalist round of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Is this the year for Hines Ward? And is James Harrison a first-ballot Hall of Famer? 

And a Bengals player is calling out T.J. Watt, but really, it's a bit of a soft move. Who talks about someone after they've already played them twice? Seems like a copout for this Cincinnati lineman. 

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