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Steelers Were Almost Super Bowl Bound

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a play away from making a magic playoff run.

PITTSBURGH -- Would the Pittsburgh Steelers have pulled off a magical run and found themselves in the AFC Championship game this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals? 

As crazy as it sounds, yes, probably. The playoff race has been wild, and no one looks as good as they were expected to be. Maybe except for the Bengals. And for the Steelers, that's exactly how they would've hoped it played out. 

Plus, JuJu Smith-Schuster took some inconsiderate shots at the Steelers and his time with the team. For a player who's that good with the media, it's hard to say it was a mistake and a spur-of-the-moment quote. 

And is Joe Burrow the best quarterback in the NFL? And is Kenny Pickett trending toward that same career? 

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