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AllSteelers Talk: Bad Tweets, Baby Mama Drama and ESPN Attacking Big Ben

In the realm of the Pittsburgh Steelers, there's plenty to talk about, from baby mama drama to tweets and everything between.

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't at training camp, didn't make a roster move, or announce anything super important, but was a wild week of headlines for this team. 

Kevin Dotson doesn't seem like a player many have doubts on, but apparently, he's got some Steelers coaches heated. Why? Because he reported to spring camps "out of shape." 

Yep, you heard that correctly. 

Devin Bush's Twitter rant has hit the week-long mark. Is he really being fined by the Steelers? Why is he doing any of it to begin with? And is this a problem that starts higher up than a third-year linebacker? 

The Steelers might have some leadership issues to address. 

Le'Veon Bell is back in the news for reasons outside of football. Apparently, baby mama No. 6 isn't happy. 

And Ben Roethlisberger will be benched by midseason? Sometimes you have to question whether ESPN hired someone because of their sports knowledge or their hot takes. 

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