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Steelers Offense Has Given Up

The Pittsburgh Steelers clocked out before the end of the Bengals game. Will they ever clock back in?

PITTSBURGH -- No one wants to hear it. No one saw it coming. The Pittsburgh Steelers way is to battle through adversity, but when things hit another low in Week 11, the offense clocked out before the game ended. 

It's easy to be frustrated when you have success for one of the few times all season, and it's shut down in the second half. But good offenses adjust. The Steelers offense just isn't good. 

It still doesn't mean anyone can give up. The Steelers did, though. You saw it. 

This is more than just an opinion. This is what we saw on the field when things got the toughest. No one was playing for the last drives of the football game. It's somewhat understandable, but also incredibly worrisome. 

And right now, you have to wonder if they'll ever clock back in. 

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